About Lore

Good quality training on legal matters and legal knowledge and resource hubs have always been reserved to firms of Solicitors and Barrister, leaving companies and their staff under resourced, inadequately trained and at the mercy of expensive external counsel in relation to legal needs.

In recognition of these issues and the significant money spent by companies each year on external legal advice, the founders of Lore set out to create cost effective, high tec best in class solutions to educate and empower companies and their teams with legal knowledge and resources.


Our Expertise

Our team of leading lawyers, IT/Software experts and customer service specialists have created a suite of unique solutions and continue to innovate with new applications and resources.

Our Solutions

Our solutions provide businesses with desktop legal know how, resources, templates, and training in relation to company law, consumer law, employment law, data protection, intellectual property, litigation, and regulatory matters; and customer service software, all designed to increase internal intelligence, reduce costs and improve productivity.

All of our solutions can be tailored to your needs or implemented in their generic format.

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