Contribute to Lore Hub

Get your brand, expertise and contact details
in front of leading UK businesses

We are looking for contribution partners (Barristers, Solicitors, Legal Executives and other experts)
to provide to contribute to Lore Hub.
Lore Hub is legal know how and template resource for in house legal and customer service departments.
The resources are produced by our in house lawyers at Lore by external professionals.
As such, we are now seeking contributors to provide:

• Explainer Notes
• Q&A’s
• Articles in the following fields:

               Employment law
               Data protection and GDPR
               Intellectual property
               Litigation (small claim and County Court)

Contributors are required to provide a minimum of one resource per month and to keep any
explainer notes or templates provided maintained, in accordance with the Lore
maintenance program.
We are also looking for contributors to participate in our Podcast program. 

Each resource provided will contain the contributors branding/name and contact details
and a website link, therefore putting the contributor in front of businesses customer
service and in house legal teams across the UK.

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