Bespoke consumer law training for retail customer service operatives and shop floor staff (Online)

Our detailed and thorough consumer law training course is delivered by award winning consumer law lawyer Dean Dunham, who is widely regarded as the leader in the field.
The course consists of ten modules, each comprising a video, PowerPoint, case study and multiple choice test. Upon successful completion of the course the delegate is issued with a certificate. The content of the modules is tailored to the retailers specific sector and needs. For example, retailers in the furniture sector will want a course that deals with the common complaint types received in relation to furniture.

With bespoke courses all videos and materials contain the retailers brand, providing a feel of ‘in-house’ training.
At an additional cost, we are also able to deliver weekly or monthly consumer law updates, via video or podcast. In addition our training platform provides delegates access to an online forum where they can ‘ask the trainer’ consumer law questions. 

Typical contents of the course:

Module 1: An overview of consumer laws
Module 2: Purchase of goods: basic consumer rights
Module 3:Short-term right to reject
Module 4: Returning goods after day 31
Module 5: Goods purchased online
Module 6: Delivery of goods
Module 7: Purchase of services
Module 8: Consequential losses
Module 9: Website issues
Module 10: Complaint handling techniques 

Dean Dunham is an Arbitrator, Barrister and Solicitor-Advocate who has been a lawyer for more than 22 years. He is widely recognised as the leader in the field, being named Consumer Law Lawyer of the Year 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Dean was also the Chief Ombudsman/Adjudicator at RetailADR and Consumer Arbitration, the most popular ADR schemes in the retail sector.  

You will receive a CLTP certificate when the course is passed.

Case study downloads
Acts of law PDFs
Course certificate

11 video presentations

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